The construction of urban public transportation in my country is in a period of rapid development. With the continuous development of the rail network, conventional public transportation network, rental industry, and online car-hailing, the passenger flow of urban public transportation has increased sharply. Put forward higher requirements for urban public transportation safety data integration, assistance in improving police processing capabilities and emergency response capabilities. The rapid development of rail transit, the intensive travel of people, the rapid growth and complexity of traffic safety prevention problems are in contradiction with the existing manpower shortage, and there is an urgent need for scientific and technological means, system platforms, information collection and big data processing based on the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. Procurement of services to improve processing efficiency. 

There are 25 metro cities in operation across the country, and 19 light rail cities are currently under construction. By 2020, the total number of rail transit cities in the country will reach 44, and the market scale of platform technology services and five-year service will exceed 10 billion.

In the next three years, the company will further strengthen the company's technology research and development on the basis of existing production, education and research products, and implement the technology development strategy of 'key technologies and key breakthroughs' around the rail transit industry to form the company's core technology layer. Plan to introduce and expand core R&D talents and teams, apply public safety, smart transportation, big data management, artificial intelligence and other related products to the project, and become a leader in the operation and service of public safety, smart transportation, and Internet of Things platforms。